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Vertical hobbing band-aid packaging machine


Vertical hobbing band-aid packaging machine

Product No.:20131012113320

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Vertical hobbing band-aid packaging machine is a new dedicated device specially designed and manufactured for hygienic material manufacturers by Shanghai Daye Packaging Machinery Factory.

Electromechanical-pneumatic integrative design, touch screen operation, PLC control, and full servo drive.

Production workmanship

Uncoiling — adhesive plaster peeling — adding absorbent pad — covering with release paper — band-aid hobbing — band-aid packaging — packaging bag dotted line hobbing — packaging bag contiguous (rolling) cutting off — conveyor (contiguous band-aid counting, step-by-step) output — manual box packing.

Equipment use: suitable for band-aids of various specifications. 

Suitable for base materials of cotton cloth, PE adhesive tape, PU adhesive tape and so on.

Brief description of main technical parameters and structure

料卷最大直径 400mm
Max diameter of material coil 400mm
胶带最大宽度 85mm
Max width of adhesive tape 85mm
创可贴最大宽度 78mm
Band-aid max width 78mm
卡通定位 色标跟踪
Cartoon positioning Color code tracing
包装最大宽度 100mm
Packaging max width 100mm
送料装置 伺服驱动
Feeding device Servo drive
包装速度 0--2000p/min
Packaging speed 0--2000p/min
包装定位 色标跟踪
Packaging positioning Color code tracing
包装方式 滚压冷封
Packaging mode Rolling cold-sealing
开卷张力 恒张力控制
Uncoil tension Constant tension control
胶布开卷纠偏 自动纠偏装置
Adhesive plaster uncoiling rectification Automatic rectification device.
输送带 步进、计数输送
Conveyor Step-by-step, counting conveying
整机功率 9KW
Machine power 3.5KW
电源 380V
Power source 380V
外型尺寸 2200*1300*1900
Overall dimension

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